Michael Wertmüller, Thomas Stammer,
Rainald Goetz, Albert Oehlen

July – August 2022

Exhibition Views

A holographic music performance

Both rooms at JUBG are designed as an audiovisual landscape. The
arrangement of loudspeakers and projections in the space will give visitors
a changing musical and visual-spatial impression with every step they take.

Within the gallery space, an immersive, individually perceptible connection
is created between the composition by Michael Wertmüller and the
holographic visualization of the music by Thomas Stammer.

The starting point for Wertmüller’s composition is the book D • I • E –
abstract reality. 13 charcoal drawings by Albert Oehlen and 14 poems by
Rainald Goetz.

Based on the structures of Oehlen’s drawings, Michael Wertmüller creates
a fantastic polymetric music. Melodic timbres are in turn distilled from
Goetz’s poetry.

From this, Stammer develops three-dimensional spatial sculptures, whose
movements and transformations flow directly from Michael Wertmüller’s
score and are thus connected to the music.

Through the creative coding of Daniel Dalfovo, the elements and figures of
the sculpture are animated and react interactively to the music.